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Artsline win gold prize at the Visit London 2007 awards


Disability Access Information Service

Our Website Redesign

Artsline has been the leading provider of detailed access information for almost 25 years and in the spring of 2003 we launched the website At that time we had 300 comprehensive access reports covering venues in London and the website became Artsline's contribution to "The European Year of Disabled People 2003".

Launched by the then Minister Maria Eagle, the database has expanded to well over a thousand venues online, and includes a variety of events specific tailored to the needs of disabled people. Typically over 11,000 unique visitors use our invaluable resource each month and from well over 80 different countries.

Artsline has always been proud of the quality of information it provides and recently conducted a full postal survey of all its venues to keep that information current. The success of the project and the number of the venues involved has meant that we will rely more and more on the venues themselves to help us with the updating process. Carefully worded online questionnaires are all designed by disabled people to maximize the quality of our data and in future our focus will be shift to a 100% web database. We have not forgotten those users without internet access as all our access surveys can be printed and posted as well as accessed from our more traditional telephone hotline service.

The new website will build on the success of our existing model, and include many improvements especially in terms of navigation and a far more powerful search engine. A message board area for our users to communicate with each other and Artsline staff will make the site more interactive and fun to use. The ability to post comments at the bottom of each venue and event pages will provide feedback on our reports and communicate with other users on specific topics.

I'm confident that this huge technological leap forward will both benefit Artsline's users and strengthen the organisations position.

Mike King
Council of Management

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